Our love of hyper efficiency boosts the chemistry of our net zero biofuel from the industry norms of 70%, right up to our daily yield of over 93%. We created the world’s first closed loop fully traceable used oil collection system which couples an app-based audit trail with a 100% recyclable oil container, and includes a cloud-based data portal, providing a complete end-to-end traceability of quantity and quality of oil. We share this data via our web portal and use it to improve efficiency and to optimise our supplier’s operating costs.



After extensive technical resilience trials and materials testing, we designed and constructed the award-winning Reusable Oil Container (ROC) from fully recyclable materials. Our ROC is highly durable, lightweight and manoeuvrable, yet able to withstand high temperatures. After years of testing and real world experience we are sure that it’s the cleanest and safest way to transport waste oil from restaurants and hotels.

We fuel, you fuel, iFuel

The same tech DNA which led us to create a unique way to track our net zero biofuel is what pushed us to create iFuel, the app-based fuel optimisation solution that tracks every drop of fuel used by our customers and where it was used. iFuel aims to help our customers use less fuel. Yes, you read that right: one of our goals is to help our customers use less fuel. Of course, this should preferably be our net zero biofuel.


Artificial intelligence

Our 24x7 control room uses sophisticated artificial intelligence to focus on opportunities for fuel savings by analysing massive quantities of data in real time and comparing seasonal trends. Driver and vehicle behaviour are linked with both satellite information and our patented Diamond Driver fuel optimisation system to enable our customers to save on even more fuel.

Neutral Fuels control room

Neutral Fuels control room