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Arbor School Adopts Biofuel to Power School Buses

UAE school-bus pollution represents 160,000 tonnes of CO2 per year – a figure that could quickly, simply and cheaply be cut by at least 20% if schools switched to biofuels, said experts at The Alliance for Sustainable Schools (TASS) conference in Dubai this week.

A lack of awareness and misapprehensions about the challenges of switching to biofuels means that school leaders are inadvertently responsible for tonnes of unnecessary fossil fuel pollution from school buses being pumped into the air that children breathe – a “ridiculous” situation that must stop now, said Brett Girven, Principal of Arbor School and convenor of the Dubai chapter of TASS


Arbor School Adopts Biofuel to Power School Buses

UAE school-bus pollution represents 160,000 tonnes of CO2 per year – a figure that could quickly, simply and cheaply be cut by at least 20% if schools switched to biofuels, said experts at The Alliance for Sustainable Schools (TASS) conference in Dubai this week.

A lack of awareness and misapprehensions about the challenges of switching to biofuels means that school leaders are inadvertently responsible for tonnes of unnecessary fossil fuel pollution from school buses being pumped into the air that children breathe – a “ridiculous” situation that must stop now, said Brett Girven, Principal of Arbor School and convenor of the Dubai chapter of TASS

UAE Reveals Details of National Biofuel Policy

UBAI, 21st March, 2024 (WAM) -- The UAE has revealed the details of the National Policy on Biofuels, recently approved by the UAE Cabinet. The policy supports the country’s shift to clean and sustainable energy sources.

The policy has been developed by the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure (MoEI) in coordination with its strategic partners from the public and private sectors, aiming to provide sustainable fuel alternatives and further diversify the energy mix.


Neutral Fuels wins ‘Recycled product of the year’ at the Middle East Waste & Recycling Awards 2023

The prestigious award recognises manufacturing companies that demonstrate significant success in converting recyclables into usable products. It celebrates the most innovative recycled product that has remarkably reduced waste in the environment and has contributed to the circular economy.

Using innovative technology and advanced processes, Neutral Fuels transforms used cooking oil (waste) collected from local companies into biodiesel, a cleaner and more sustainable fuel alternative. To date Neutral Fuels have locally refined over 20 million litres of used cooking oil and saved more than 60 million kilograms of carbon dioxide emissions.

McDonalds UAE reaches 25 million km's driven on pure biodiesel

Neutral Fuels is proud to recognise a significant milestone for McDonald’s UAE. They have now reached 25 million kilometres driving on Neutral Fuels pure biodiesel. No fossil fuel, just 100% biodiesel. And not just any biodiesel either, this is biodiesel locally refined from their own used cooking oil collected from their own local restaurants, making a truly sustainable example of the circular economy in action. The impact is also truly outstanding. With this pioneering initiative, Walid Fakih and the team at McDonald’s UAE, have reduced their carbon emissions by over 23 million kilograms of CO2e. To put that into perspective that is the same as the carbon sequestered by growing 385,698 tree seedlings into fully grown trees for 10 years! Congratulations McDonald’s UAE for setting an incredible example on our journey to a sustainable future.


Third Bio Diesel refueling station implemented at GEMS Founders School celebrating our partnership with STS

We are absolutely delighted, thanks to Steve and the STS team, Matthew and the GEMS Founders School team, to adding GFS to our pioneering group of schools, running their buses on cleaner, greener biofuel.

Use of marine biofuel set to increase now that IMO has removed regulatory hurdle

The International Maritime Organisation has removed one of the few hurdles for marine clients wanting to use biofuels. Up to now, there was some concern that insufficient research had been done into the NOx levels which would result from using biofuels and blends at sea. As such using biofuels at sea could only be classified as a"pilot project".Now, with the finalisation of several independent verification tests that show no change in NOx levels when using biofuels, the "pilot project" requirement has been removed, and all ships are now being encouraged to use biofuels as a way of significantly reducing their carbon footprint.With the introduction last year of our two certified Marine Fuel Oil Biodiesel blends in partnership with Uniper, Neutral Fuels is ready as the only biofuel bunkering in the Middle East to service an even wider range of clients.

Using Bio Fuels in Marine Engines

It is official - using biofuels in marine engines has no negative affect on NOx emissions - but don’t take our word for it …. here’s the report from Lloyd’s Register.

“ In terms of magnitude, NOx emissions were not significantly increased across the load range, in any instances by the use of any of the biofuels trialled.”

Neutral Fuels has been supplying our biofuels to a variety of marine customers since 2020 - and this report is a welcome confirmation of what we already know - meeting IMO 2020 using low sulphur fuels combined with Neutral Fuels biofuel is an excellent method of reducing carbon footprint.

AD Ports Group, AGGREKO and Neutral Fuels are working to reduce carbon emissions across the UAE.

Another first for a leading Abu Dhabi based company.  AD Ports Group feeder service, Safeen Feeders, is the first in the UAE to use biodiesel on vessels at Khalifa Port.  

The SAFEEN PEARL (pictured) took on board a B20 biodiesel blend for use in their on-board generators supplied by Aggreko, one of the world’s leading temporary power generation providers. The biodiesel was refined from Used Cooking Oil, collected locally, refined locally and delivered locally by the GCC’s leading biodiesel company,

“Captain Ammar Al Shaiba, CEO Safeen Feeders, commented that ‘As a preeminent company in the GCC maritime sector, meeting and exceeding our responsibilities to reduce our carbon emissions in line with the UAE’s Vision and Strategy is core to AD Ports Group, and we are pleased to be able to utilise the skills and services of likeminded, environmentally sensitive companies in helping us to achieve our ambitions’.‘

All Neutral Fuels biodiesel is refined to the EN14214 specification and approved by the UAE’s Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology (ESMA) which ensures it is suitable to run on any diesel-powered engine as part of a client’s carbon reduction programme’, stated Gary Hubbard FCILT, Chief Commercial Officer.

Monjasa Joins Biofuel Bunker Market

It is very exciting to see the growth of biofuels being used in the maritime sector to reduce carbon footprint. The recent partnership between Neutral Fuels, Uniper and Monjasa demonstrates that this is a very viable option for shipping, requiring no modification to the vessels. Commercial Director at Monjasa Middle East & Africa, Moustapha El Maghlouk, added: ‘By promoting new partnerships with Uniper and Neutral Fuels, Monjasa is present at the production site and throughout the supply chain to understand the full spectrum of logistics needed to make this project a success. With our combined synergies across fuel sourcing, production and logistics, we are confident of building a scalable biofuel option and we are already receiving interest for biofuel-blends from several shipping companies operating in the Middle East.’

IKEA aims for emission-free deliveries by 2025

IKEA aims to cut its #CO2 emissions in the UAE by up to 90% on the way to its ultimate goal of emission-free deliveries by 2025.


We are so proud to announce that we have achieved 20 million km running on ONLY 100% pure biodiesel with McDonald's. Thank you to our team, and our partners.

Everyone said it couldn't be done. But we have proved with continuous dedication, superb engineering, great software, and a solid partnership, the seemingly impossible can be achieved.

Walid Fakih, General Manager at McDonald's UAE, said, "Focusing on the environment is key for us at McDonald's UAE. We are glad to work on this program with Neutral Fuels which helped us reduce the amount of carbon emissions, and we will continue to promote sustainable and regenerative practices - for communities today and in the future.”

Don't hesitate to ask us how we can help your business go green🌏

An electrifying Season 8 of the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship is set to kick off in Diriyah with a double-header from Jan. 28-29, 2022, and a pair of spectacular night races around the historic desert surroundings — lauded as one of the sport’s most unique and challenging circuits.

Last year’s championship proved to be the most thrilling yet, as the all-electric series continued to lead the way towards a sustainable future in racing. We are delighted to share that once again the electricity generators at this event will be powered with Neutral Fuels biofuel.

As the drivers whizz around the track we will be cheering because this is another great example of the net zero goal we have been advancing for over a decade. We will ask this question again… is this the end of The Petrol Head?


DP World Tour Rolex Series: Dubai Desert Classic goes for the green through use of biofuel.

Golf has always tried to be at the forefront of environmental improvements, something that can be difficult for a sport that comes with a tag of luxury, a jet-set lifestyle and globe-trotting from one glamorous location to another.

Simon Corkill, Dubai Desert Classic Tournament Director, is on hand at EGC to oversee the final touches ahead of the tournament that will see the likes of Collin Morikawa, Rory McIlroy and Viktor Hovland compete for the $8 million purse on the famous Majlis Course, and Corkill is ensuring this free-to-attend event is bigger, better and greener than ever.

“One of the big changes is on the power side of things,” Corkill explained. “One of our partners is Aggreko and we are going to be rolling out a 100-metre solar panel on the 11th hole which will power the whole area around 11-15 — the Topgolf Deck — and it will give us the opportunity to showcase what solar power can do. “In addition, our generators are moving over to biofuel, so we are slowly moving in the right direction.”

Neutral Fuels is proud to announce that we will be providing the biofuel for this tremendous event. It is encouraging to see not only more businesses going green but also sporting events!


When BOCA dubs itself a modern restaurant it is not referring only to its high-end cuisine. At the top of a list of awards for its food, wine and people, BOCA places the Sustainable Business Model of the Year award it won at the Gulf Sustainability Awards 2021. BOCA is one of the top restaurants in Dubai’s chic International Financial Centre (DIFC) and has pioneered the numerical concepts of sustainability in its restaurant, with all carbon footprints being assessed, measured, and replaced where possible.

BOCA’s comprehensive sustainability strategy includes running on solar energy, local sourcing and diligent waste reduction. Now the restaurant has upped the ante and is having its used cooking oil collected by Neutral Fuels, the company that has made a commercial success of recycling waste oil into biodiesel.

Omar Shihab, BOCA General Manager who has put sustainability at the top of the company by also taking on the role of Sustainability Lead, says the restaurant is serious about playing its part in meeting the UAE's 2030 greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets.


In what is sure to be the first of many sporting events, we are delighted to announce that the Dubai Sevens, kicking off this weekend, will be powered using Neutral Fuels biodiesel. If you haven't got tickets, click the link below, and get yourself along to one of the best experiences of the year!


McDonald's’s has started a huge (see the picture) marketing campaign to encourage everyone to recycle their cooking oil into biodiesel.

But how do we do it for McDonald's UAE? Well let’s give you a glimpse!

Step 1: The used cooking oil is transferred into a Recyclable Oil Container, also known as a ROC.

Step 2: The ROC is then loaded into the McDonald's supply truck

Step 3: The containers are transported to one of our bio-refineries

Step 4: We recycle the used cooking oil into 100% biofuel

Step 5: Finally the 100% biofuel (yes ZERO fossil fuel) is used to fuel the McDonald's delivery truck.

And just like that we have created a Closed Loop Recycling process, how cool is that?


GAC Group Bunker Fuels Limited has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Neutral Fuels to market its marine gas oil biodiesel blend specifically developed for shipping clients in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bahrain, Oman, Qatar and India. We will also work together to expand the number of supply points throughout the Middle East and Africa.

Gary Hubbard FCILT, Chief Commercial Officer of Neutral Fuels Holdings LtdFuels said the partnership is a long-term joint commitment that will accelerate the decarbonisation of a sector essential to global trade. “Deploying our Net Zero biofuel in the maritime sector will play a key role in helping to achieve the new carbon emission reduction targets set by the International Maritime Organisation,” he added.

GAC cares about sustainability, as evidenced by the Group joining the Global Maritime Forum’s Getting To Zero Coalition in March this year. A division of the GAC Group, GAC Bunker Fuels is making good progress on its drive to switch from oil-based marine fuels to fuels with a much smaller environmental impact, such as biofuels and LNG, and is well on track to achieve its carbon zero target by 2030.

“As a leader in our industry, we have a responsibility to do the right thing,” said Martyn McMahon, GAC Bunker Fuels’ Global Commercial Manager. “We have to play our part in helping to achieve the United Nations’ sustainable development goal on climate action. Hence our commitment to adapt, reduce and mitigate our activities’ negative impact on the environment and contribution to climate change.”

Abu Dhabi leads the region in circular economy waste management decision.

We would like to congratulate the Abu Dhabi Waste Management Centre (Tadweer) and the Government of Abu Dhabi in a pioneering move within the MENA region by issuing Circular No.23/2021 to all restaurants and other producers of used cooking Oil (waste) that ALL of their used cooking oil must ONLY be collected and recycled locally into biodiesel. If they do not, the document warns the establishments that they will be liable to “legal and administrative actions” including suspension of their operations license.

The decision is led and enforced by the state of the art software system known as the “E-Manifest or BOLISATY" which tracks all waste streams in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi through Tadweer’s Command Centre.

This ground-breaking policy, will give all the Abu Dhabi Waste Management Companies, Restaurants and Abu Dhabi communities the opportunity to play their part in a real world implementation of the circular economy preserving the In Country Value and reducing emissions in Abu Dhabi.

We are proud to be a part of the vision of Abu Dhabi Waste Management Center - Tadweer, being the first operational Bio Refinery in Abu Dhabi, recycling all such used cooking oil in our unique biodiesel facility in ICAD into clean, green net zero biodiesel for use within the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

A warm green welcome to Spinneys

We are very excited to welcome #UAE supermarket giant, Spinneys Dubai LLC to the Neutral Fuels family. They are as overjoyed and had this to say about their move to a greener future: ”Today we took a significant step towards our #LetsDoBetterTogether vision. In an aim to reduce our carbon footprint, we are switching the Spinneys delivery vans to biofuel made from used cooking oil. This will reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and help lower our transportation carbon footprint. “

Biofuels are almost too good to be true

It's great to see the example being set by IKEA. It's not just that they are using Neutral Fuels Net Zero fuel in its purest form without any fossil fuel, but that this is part of their global strategy to achieve zero emissions for home deliveries by 2025 worldwide.

The IKEA corporate web site is certainly enthusiastic : "Biofuels are almost too good to be true. Biofuels are also carbon-neutral – the CO2 released is equal to the CO2 that was absorbed by the plants during their lifetime."

Biofuels becoming true engines of sustainability growth

"We need to change the way companies behave so that the only options they leave in front of consumers are low carbon.” CEO Karl W Feilder talks to Middle East Economy.


Leaders of Tomorrow Eye on Dubai in conversation with Karl Feilder

New Delhi: In this episode of Leaders of Tomorrow, catch Karl Feilder, CEO, Neutral Fuels, as he discusses the growth and adoption of biofuels in the Middle East. “…what has happened is that the international community has started to drive the option of biofuels. It is part of corporate policy…"

Innovation in Logistics and Transportation Summit

As Karl Feilder, CEO, Founder and Chairman of Neutral Fuels, pointed out, governments in the MENA region are specifying the use of biofuels as part of their sustainability strategy, meaning that companies will have to embrace the decarbonisation roadmap.

Create the first biofuels production facility in the Sultanate of Oman

21 July, 2021 – Dubai – Neutral Fuels Holdings Ltd, based in Dubai’s International Financial Centre (DIFC), has today announced the signing of a Strategic Partnership Agreement with the Erigo Group in which they will cooperate in multiple locations to combine their expertise at creating biofuel from waste cooking oil.

ACWA Power signs MoU with Neutral Fuels to supply Saudi Arabia's Red Sea Project

Dubai, UAE, 31 May 2021: ACWA Power, a leading Saudi developer, investor and operator of power generation and desalinated water plants, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Neutral Fuels, the GCC’s largest biofuel producer, for future collaboration on the supply of its Net Zero Biofuel™ for Saudi Arabia’s most ambitious regenerative tourism project on the Red Sea coast.

Neutral Fuels signs agreement with DWTC for sustainable biofuel

As the Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC) restarts events and business post the Covid-19 lockdown, the organisation has committed to using Neutral Fuels biofuel to power its distribution vehicles, forklift trucks and on-site generators. This is in keeping with its status as the only events venue in the Middle East to be certified by Green Globe, which sets the standard for sustainable tourism.

Uniper Energy Dubai & Neutral Fuels join forces to deliver maritime biofuel in Fujairah

Uniper Energy DMCC (UED) and Neutral Fuels have announced that they will collaborate to provide maritime biofuel in Fujairah, UAE. Both leaders in their fields, UED supplies very low sulfur fuel oil (VLSFO), and Neutral Fuels, winner of the ADIPEC 2020 Company of the Year Award in the Solutions to Climate Change category, pioneered the commercial viability of net zero biofuels to replace fossil fuels.


Meet Karl Feilder: Dubai's emerging Elon Musk of biodiesel

If you eat at McDonald’s or buy Nestle products in the UAE, there’s a good chance that the product you’re consuming was transported using our 100% Net Zero biofuel, made from waste cooking oil. In this interview with Gulf News, our CEO, Karl Feilder, discussed our growth plans to achieve 10 locations by the end of 2021

Neutral Fuels partners with Dulsco to recycle waste cooking oil into biofuel

Neutral Fuels has entered into an exclusive agreement with waste management company Dulsco to recycle all the waste cooking oil Dulsco collects from its customers into biofuel. Bespoke technology will help track and record oil from collection to delivery and waste oil will be transported via eco-friendly reusable containers, designed and patented by Neutral Fuels.

Emirates starts on greener road for crew in Dubai

Emirates are now operating their fleet of transport buses for cabin crew on our Net Zero biofuel in an effort to make their operations more sustainable and environmentally friendly. The estimated carbon dioxide savings from this initiative alone is 75,000 kg annually

What can Gulf countries do to help grow the use of green fuels in shipping?

The maritime biofuel sector in the Gulf has been described as largely ‘untapped’ despite ambitious targets and incentives. However, momentum is clearly building and as this article mentions, Neutral Fuels is leading the way.

Biofuel is a brilliant solution - with Karl Feilder

We are excited to have Karl Feilder, the Founder, CEO and Chairman of Neutral Fuels, on the Going Green podcast, and first, we wanted to get some quick points about how biofuel is a clean, green, and brilliant solution.

RTA pilots biodiesel-powered traditional 'Abras in partnership with ENOC

RTA’s Public Transport Agency, in collaboration with ENOC Group, embarked on a pilot to power its traditional Abras using Neutral Fuels’ biodiesel.

Route to cleaner jet fuels is not via higher air tickets charges

The aviation sector remains deeply committed to investing in sustainability despite the pandemic. An increasing number of airlines are looking towards commitments to decarbonize such as Emirates which are now operating their fleet of transport buses for cabin crew on our Net Zero biofuel.

Neutral Fuels India manufactures hand sanitiser as demand surges

At the Neutral Fuels India biorefinery in Haryana, just outside Delhi, we are now using our skillset and knowledge of chemistry to manufacture our own brand of hand sanitizer, Neutralizer.

Dubai biodiesel producer Neutral Fuels expands

Dubai-based biofuels producer Neutral Fuels is expanding its waste-based biodiesel operations beyond the UAE in the Middle East, Africa and Asia-Pacific.

Q&A with the CEO of Neutral Fuels, Karl Feilder

Biofuels will likely play an important role in a hoped-for transformation to a low-carbon economy. I met with Karl Feilder, CEO of Neutral Fuels, at his company’s headquarters in Dubai earlier this year for an interview.

Forbes: Neutral Fuels one of 15 most sustainable companies on the Middle East

We are delighted to announce that the influential business magazine, Forbes Middle East, has named Neutral Fuels one of the 15 most sustainable companies in the Middle East.

Globally Great Innovation Award

Neutral Fuels wins Globally Great Sustainability Award 2020 at the World Future Energy Summit. Watch our winning entry.

ServeU fuels its 4000 staff buses with Neutral Fuels biodiesel

Neutral Fuels has become the first biofuel company to successfully attain certification under the UAE’s new Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology (ESMA) biodiesel quality standard.

SME 10X: Interview with Karl Feilder, chairman of Neutral Fuels

SME 10X interviewed the CEO of Neutral Fuels Karl Feilder to discuss their global growth plans, business model and what corporations should be doing to save the planet and reduce gas emissions.

CNN: Why truckers are turning to cooking oil

Transport accounts for more than a fifth of global CO2 emissions, by most estimates, and diesel-powered commercial trucks are big contributors. Such vehicles are the target for Neutral Fuels, which has been building an empire from leftover kitchen waste since launching what it describes as the Middle East's first biofuel refinery in Dubai in 2011.

Unreasonable Impact World Forum 2019: Neutral Fuels

CEO of Neutral Fuels, Karl W Feilder was at the Unreasonable Impact World Forum 2019 to discuss how Neutral Fuels is helping the world address climate change and provide businesses a way to recycle their used oil and reduce their carbon footprint.

UAE Economic Forum 2019: SMEs as engines for growth

Founder and CEO of Neutral Fuels Karl Feilder was a panelist on UAE Economic Forum 2019, discussing the role of SMEs as engines of growth, the challenges SMEs face and how we can solve them. Is the UAE SME friendly?

Dubai Expo2020 is powered by Neutral Fuels' net zero biofuel

We are proud to power the build of Expo2020! Watch the video to learn more about how we are contributing to a clean, green society.

UAE's largest school transport service shifts to biofuel

The GEMS Modern Academy has become the first school in the GEMS Education network to upgrade its fuel to Neutral Fuels B20 biofuel, supplied in conjunction with School Transport Services (STS).


Dubai Eye Radio: Karl Feilder's top 5 tips for entrepreneurs

Neutral Fuels’ CEO Karl Feilder loves sharing his experiences with aspiring entrepreneurs - and after growing more than a dozen companies in over 40 countries, he'd like to think he has got a thing or two to share!

Futuristic new fuel tankers take to the roads

The revolutionary new design, never before seen in the UAE, is a teardrop shaped tanker designed to reduce air resistance and cut fuel consumption by 6% – 10% compared to regular fuel tankers.

Neutral Fuels accepted onto Mohammed bin Rashid Innovation Fund Accelerator

Dubai-based waste to biofuel company Neutral Fuels announced it has been accepted onto the Mohammed bin Rashid Innovation Fund Accelerator (MBRIFA), a programme established by the UAE Ministry of Finance to accelerate the expansion of innovative businesses. Neutral Fuels is one of seven companies chosen from 159 applications across 29 companies for the fund accelerator