Industry leaders committed to building a greener future

Once a year we have the pleasure of presenting our customers with certificates that attest to the quantity of CO₂e they have kept out of the atmosphere simply by switching from fossil fuel to biofuel. It’s a good record of their role in reducing carbon emissions and helping the world transition to the Net Zero future we are building. Contact us if you’d like to be part of this future.

A real pleasure to be able to present our Carbon Savings Certificate to ADNOC Logistics & Services.  The support from Mohamed Ahmed Al Maflahi (right) in his function as Vice President Corporate HSE, was instrumental in the genesis of this project.  Receiving this accolade, Captain Mohamed Al Ali (left), Senior Vice President Ship Management said, “Switching to biofuels is a strategic pillar of ADNOC’s Sustainability Strategy 2030. Supply and operations have been seamless and the reduction in our carbon footprint is a significant step towards meeting both our corporate environmental goals and those of the nation.”

ADNOC Logistics & Services

"Continuing our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint for a greener environment around us, today we mark the completion of another year of using biofuels from Neutral Fuels."

Gary Reader (left), General Manager, ServeU Facilities Management, with Jalal Saleh (right), Manager - Government Relations

"Through our engagement with EXPO we got to know Neutral Fuels and started using their clean, green biofuel. We’re happy to receive our second carbon savings certificate because, as a construction company actively supporting the environment,  we’ve found that they help us win new projects.’

Raveendran Nair (second right), Plant Manager, Kier Dubai

ServeU provides hundreds of professional staff in support of many of the EXPO pavilions and they all travel on the company’s own staff transportation fleet powered by Neutral Fuels biodiesel. In such a competitive market, being able to offer clients an environmentally sustainable solution is a real differentiator. EXPO 2020 has had more than 15 million visitors and we are all very proud to be part of the sustainable aspect of this major event.

Representing ServeU are Gary Reader, General Manager (l) and Jalal Saleh, Manager Administration & Government Relations (r).

"Our fleet runs 24x7 and we have never had a single issue related to running on pure Net Zero Biofuel. We are now in the second full year of working with Neutral Fuels to support IKEA. The transition from mineral diesel to B100 was made seamless by the experts at Neutral Fuels.” Gorakanage Gomes (left), General Manager of Transport for Emirates Logistics.

"We have been so pleased with how Emirates Logistics has supported our Net Zero ambition. Running their fleet on Neutral Fuels B100 biofuel is exactly the partnership we were looking for.” Farjad Shah (right), Sustainability Developer of Supply Chain Operations, IKEA Supply Middle East.

"Another successful year of carbon savings, making a real difference to our operations and to our customers' carbon footprints."

Michel Welter, General Manager UAE, Wallenborn Transport Company

"The use of biofuel in our logistics fleet is a significant tool in our armoury to reduce our carbon footprint and support Dubai’s green agenda. We want to thank Neutral Fuels for all they continue to do to support our mission.”

Vincent Egels (left), Director - Hospitality Operations, Dubai World Trade Centre

"Sustainability remains high on the agenda for construction companies in the UAE. Neutral Fuels supports us as we play our part in meeting this great nation's environmental goals.”

Yohaan Cama, Sustainability Manager, Multiplex Middle East

"Sustainability is one of our key tenets and we are very pleased that Neutral Fuels is providing biodiesel for our UAE fleet operations. They have helped us remain environmentally sensitive to the needs of our clients."

Daniel Fierce (left), VP & GM - ME, and Vice President – Asia Logistics, Dole.

“Originally introduced to Neutral Fuels by IKEA 3 years ago, we now fuel our entire fleet on biodiesel. We’ve seen commercial and operational benefits from this long-term relationship.”

Gorakanage Gomes, General Manger – Transport, Emirates Logistics LLC.

“Over the past 3 years our fleet has driven on biodiesel. Our clients want environmentally sustainable distribution and using Neutral Fuels biofuel now underpins our business growth.”

Michel Welter (right), General Manager Wallenborn.

"Biodiesel is as good as regular diesel but cleaner. It has no negative impact or maintenance issues which is one of the reasons we have been using it for many years. We also appreciate Neutral Fuels - no one compares to the service we get from them.”

Tarkan Odabasi, UAE Service Leader, Cummins Arabia

"On behalf of our school, thank you for helping us not only educate our students but also reduce the carbon emissions associated with bringing them to school. It really made our day to receive this certificate."

Nargish Khambatta, Principal, GEMS Modern Academy

"STS Group is determined to minimise its impact on climate change and reduce the C02 emissions of our fleet. Earning our second carbon savings certificate marks the next step on our journey to a brighter future.”

Steve Burnell, MD, STS

“Over the past two years Neutral Fuels has helped us not just cut our carbon footprint, but even reduce our fuel costs. It’s not often your fuel supplier does that! Having our own fuel pump on site has also helped us save time.”

Saad Moaswes, Managing Director, Bond Interiors

“Switching to biofuel was such a painless way to instantly progress our environmental goals without compromising efficiency. We are proud to be working with Neutral Fuels.”

Anand Kumar, Managing Director, Abra

“We highly appreciate the massive effort of Neutral Fuels in 2020 in securing biofuel during the pandemic crisis. Assuring the supply of fuel was a key factor that helped Del Monte to continue to serve the market with no interruption. We are fully confident that we are partnering with a solid and reliable organization.”

Ahmad Nasri, General Manager, Del Monte Foods, UAE

"Many thanks for this certificate. It adds value to the already significant reduction in our carbon emissions. We’re looking forward to continue supporting the UAE’s carbon reduction program as we continue to grow our supply chain service offering.”

Jason O Keefe, Warehouse & Distribution Manager, MMI (for Costa Coffee)

“We are extremely happy with the service provided by Neutral Fuels and are very proud to be contributing to carbon savings in Dubai.”

Ben Blackwood, COO, Dubai College

"Year after year Neutral Fuels have proved that not only are they are leaders in alternative energy production, but they are also planet savers"

Ahmad Nasri, General Manager,  Del Monte Foods UAE

"These are the first steps towards a very worthwhile journey."

Farjad Shah, Sustainability Developer Transport and Logistics Services, IKEA Supply Middle East

"More added value from Neutral Fuels."

Gary Reader, General Manager, ServeU Facilities Management
Mike Lees, Regional Director Middle East, Big Bus Tours

“Always a pleasure to work with Neutral Fuels and we are very grateful for this generous recognition of the work we have been undertaking to reduce carbon emissions both here in Dubai and in Abu Dhabi.”

Mike Lees, Regional Director Middle East, Big Bus Tours

"As well as saving the planet, we also get a Carbon Savings certificate!"

Michel Welter, Branch Manager UAE, Wallenborn Transport Company

"We are a very happy customer in EXPO2020 and thank you Neutral Fuels for your excellent services."

Raveendran Nair, Plant Manager, Kier Dubai

"It is a great pleasure to work with Neutral Fuels, reducing our carbon footprint in line with our Corporate Social Responsibility, as well as aligned to the goals and ambitions of the UAE government."

Saad Moaswes, Managing Director, Bond Interiors.

"This is great- it's going in our reception!"

Steve Burnell, MD, STS
Walid Fakih General Manager Emirates Fast Food Company (McDonald's UAE) and Karl W. Feilder
Founder CEO & Chairman at Neutral Fuels

"We are grateful to have received a token of recognition from our long-standing partner Neutral Fuels. Thank you for being part of our ongoing journey in reducing our carbon emissions here in the UAE."

Walid Fakih, General Manager, Emirates Fast Food Company (McDonald's UAE)
Yohaan Cama, Sustainability Manager, Multiplex Middle East

“Sustainability has always been very important to our organisation and in Neutral Fuels we have found the perfect partner to allow us to deliver it. We thank you for this long-standing relationship.”

Yohaan Cama, Sustainability Manager, Multiplex Middle East