Through our iCollect service, Neutral Fuels provides a practical collecting service for waste cooking oil. We then convert it into biodiesel, a cleaner form of fuel used to power vehicles and reduce their environmental impact.

We already collaborate with many upscale hotels and eateries to help them reach their sustainability goals and save money.

Why not choose Neutral Fuels as your used cooking oil disposal partner and follow the lead of the top hospitality companies in the UAE

Used cooking oil being collected and transported in one of Neutral Fuels' reusable oil containers (ROC)
THE iCollect APP

iCollect is custom-built by our technology company, Neutral Software. The iCollect hand-held app makes the oil collection process entirely paper free and provides a peerless management control system. It enables our drivers to communicate directly with our cloud-based portal, keeping a detailed log of oil quantity and quality from collection to delivery and testing.

All captured information is available instantly, combining leading-edge telematics and bespoke storage and transportation media specifically designed for the F&B industry. When integrated into a purchase order or payment system, information can be coherently passed to the finance team, making it an efficient and auditable cashless management system.


We make a variety of oil collection options available depending on the needs of our clients. These include our unique iROC (Intelligent Reusable Oil Container) and oil drums or bulk containers (IBCs) when necessary for clients in shopping malls.

Our innovative iROC is a portable marvel. It is durable and lightweight and is simply wheeled in and out of premises. It has been thoughtfully designed so its width and height make it easy to fit into commercial kitchens. In-built sensors make the iROC truly intelligent, able to communicate directly with the Neutral Fuels cloud portal so we always know the location of each one and we are able to monitor oil levels and temperatures in real time.

When our automatic system alerts us that an iROC is full, our staff will arrange to take it away and replace it with an empty one. But no matter which collection option is chosen, oil is always collected by our dedicated professional team in a Neutral Fuels branded vehicle so clients know that their oil is going to be responsibly recycled.


As a licensed hazardous waste transporter, Neutral Fuels is qualified and prepared to safely transport used cooking oil of any kind and quantity to our refinery. We take special care to follow all regulations to prevent the release of hazardous materials into the environment.

iCollect interfaces directly with government waste management systems to update client compliance, and we even provide clients with a green certificate authenticating the safe recycling of their waste oil into Net Zero BiofuelTM.

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