our Net zero biofuels

We believe that the only way to make net zero biofuel is to make it from waste. Using anything else that comes from a farmer’s field is almost certainly depriving someone of food or growing potential. And that just ain’t right.

We makeour net zero biofuel exclusively from waste oils; always have, always will. As for our blends, we use independent 3rd-party lab tests in the United Kingdom to maintain their high quality.

All our fuels extend engine life due to their superior lubricity.

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B100 PURE 100%

Our top of the range net zero biofuel is called B100. It’s 100% goodness, and is the best of all worlds – maximum carbon savings, maximum engine life benefits, and maximum net zero. It’s so good you can even drink it, but our lawyers insist we tell you not to! Here is a YouTube video of our founder Karl drinking B100 biofuel on air during an interview, and he’s still alive! This goes to show how pure and good-for-the-planet our net zero biofuel is. Imagine how well it runs in engines.

Pure net zero biofuel has the greatest environmental impact and is best used in closed loop systems, such as restaurants, food chains, concerts and conference centres. We’re proud of our contribution to the environment as we help businesses reduce their emissions and costs through the use of net zero biofuel.


Our B5 blend is our entry level net zero biofuel. It’s mostly used by construction companies and vehicle fleets with a minimum requirement to meet their Corporate Social Responsibility goals. It’s a great fuel and extends the life of the engine, and it makes a small difference towards saving the planet. Most of our customers using this fuel take the view that every little helps.


Our most popular blend is called B20, and is a blend of 20% net zero biofuel with regular ultra low sulfur diesel. It satisfies the CSR targets of some companies and is suitable for fleet managers and energy system brokers.

In your own backyard

By combining our love of hyper-efficiency with state-of-the-art technology, unique software and IoT sensors, we have developed world class solutions for refuelling our customers.

We provide fast direct fuelling straight from the pump for all grades of net zero biofuel right up to our award-winning 100% net zero biofuel. This dramatically reduces fuelling time and wasted travel time, and provides complete visibility and data analysis of fuel consumption.

We like to tank

Our preferred solution is to put a semi-permanent, double-skinned steel fuel tank close to the transport depots of our customers in Dubai. For others, we provide mobile, tanker-based fuelling to eliminate fuel fetching costs.

Whichever solution works for you, our iFuel 24x7 management system keeps an accurate track of every drop of fuel. Our IoT sensors, specially designed for our net zero biofuel, provide live information across the internet, ensuring our customers never run out of fuel and promoting seamless production activity.

Bring your own

For heavy duty, bulk-fuel suppliers, we securely provide high safety tanker filling by blending our net zero biofuel with existing fossil fuels. This allows even more customers to join the planet-saving benefits of our fabulous fuel.

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Logistics Solutions

Neutral Fuels has been converting used cooking oil into net zero biofuel to power transportation fleets since 2011. Our love of hyper-efficiency produces a net zero biofuel which can run in any diesel engine without any modifications.

Over the past five years, we have also pioneered the use of Internet of Things (IoT) sensors to optimise waste and fuel management, saving time and money for our customers. We help you do more, with less, all day, every day.


Neutral Fuels stands as a green and sustainable partner for staff transport fleets for organisations such as airlines, and for school bus fleets.

By switching to our net zero biofuel, you will reduce tailpipe emissions into the city and reduce airborne emissions for passengers and drivers.

Workers who have been part of the switch to biodiesel notice a difference in their general health with a decrease in headaches and dizziness. With the direct health benefits that switching to net zero biofuel provides, we welcome you to our net zero biofuel world.


Customers increasingly expect environmental awareness from the hospitality industry. Wise establishments align their operations with commitments to sustainability, giving back to the communities they serve while protecting the environment. Our net zero biofuel world takes this one step further.

We offer our hotel and hospitality clients a highly energy efficient supply chain by making transportation net zero and reducing  bio waste. With our tech-enabled collection solutions, we convert the used cooking oil from their own kitchens into net zero biofuel for staff transportation or customer excursions, enabling their guests to support CSR goals. It’s that simple.

This closed loop business model meets municipality regulations which mandate that all food processing establishments fully track and properly manage their waste streams. It allows for used cooking oil retrieval without any additional investment.


As the construction industry finds itself under continued pressure to lower greenhouse gasses, our net zero biofuel offers a cost effective and sustainable green alternative.

Dubai has become a role model for clean and renewable energy, sustainability, the green economy and the reduction of carbon emissions.

The Dubai Clean Energy Strategy 2050, introduced by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid, aims to make Dubai the city with the lowest carbon footprint in the world. We are sharing this visionary thinking across the region and in many other countries too.


With an estimated 80% of goods moved around the world by sea, maritime transport has an important role in international trade. Inevitably this means that shipping emits high levels of carbon. A study by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) puts this at around 940 million tonnes annually, resulting in approximately 2.2% of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Operators are now facing stricter regulations and cargo owners are increasing pressure for a demonstrable commitment to reducing GHG emissions.

Our marine fuel makes the transition to biofuel possible, easy and attractive, requiring no engine modifications and no additional capital investment.

The UAE's port of Fujairah is the third largest bunkering hub in the world, set for continued and rapid growth. This is where we  offer our marine fuel to help ship owners meet carbon reduction targets.