Neutral Fuels has been converting used cooking oil into net zero biofuel to power transportation fleets since 2011. Our love of hyper-efficiency produces a net zero biofuel which can run in any diesel engine without any modifications. Over the past five years, we have also pioneered the use of Internet of Things (IoT) sensors to optimise waste and fuel management, saving time and money for our customers. We help you do more, with less, all day, every day.


No changes required

It seems incredible, but transportation fleets are currently accountable for over 20% of each country’s carbon footprint. Using our superior net zero biofuel your company will be directly contributing towards the development of a clean-vehicle society for our planet’s sustainable future. Our flagship example is McDonald’s fleet, which has travelled over 14 million km on our pure, net zero B100 biodiesel, with a 100% reduction in transportation carbon footprint without any engine modifications and no change in fuel economy. To further save time and money, we provide direct fast fuelling straight from the pump, using our IoT sensor based system.

The strictest quality

The strict quality standards developed over the last two decades, make biofuel a completely viable product for transportation fleets worldwide. All of our 100% net zero biofuel is independently tested to meet the EN 14214 standard, and all of our net zero biofuel blends are compatible with any engine, Euro 2 to Euro 6, without modifications. Moving logistics onto net zero biofuel is a sensible fleet management decision, as its superior lubricity extends the life of their engines. We also provide fleet operators the option of their own on-site filling station. Coupled with our adoption of environment- friendly technology for 24x7 monitoring, we are able to provide a consistent and readily available way of supplying our biofuel with the stability of safe storage.

A unique selling proposition

Many established FMCG and retail organisations reply on their 3rd party partners to create and support CSR programs. Therefore, using biofuel as part of your offering solution will differentiate you from the competition while support global net zero ambitions.

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