Neutral Fuels stands as a green and sustainable partner for staff transport and school bus fuelling providing European compliant net zero biofuels compatible with Euro 2 to Euro 6 engines without vehicle modification.


By switching to our net zero biofuel, you will reduce tailpipe emissions into the city, and reduce air-borne emissions for your passengers and fleet operators. Workers, who have been exposed to regular diesel vehicles and then made the switch to biodiesel, noticed a dramatic difference in their general health with a decrease in headaches and dizziness. With the direct health benefits that switching to net zero biofuel provides, we welcome you to our net zero biofuel world.

Youth empowerment is driving sustainability

Businesses should be ready for a more engaged and customer driven market as the youth take an active stance in environmental solutions. For the first time in the Middle East, in 2018 our B100 net zero biofuel was used to power an entire music and dance festival with the students of RIT University in Dubai. With many countries pushing the growth of school transportation, our net zero biofuel provides bus fleet operators with a desirable sustainable model to further educate their young passengers of a sustainable net zero future while reducing their exposure to air-borne emissions, satisfying parental concerns.

Enhancing CSR

The inclusion of net zero biofuel into your bus fleet can further enhance your organisation’s CSR programme. For transportation providers to tourism, FMCG, or retail industries, including net zero biofuel can boost the desirability of your fleet, adding sustainable development and environmental benefits for your stakeholders.

Onsite refuelling and fuel theft prevention

We can supply your fleet with an onsite-fuelling tank that is tracked via a comprehensive client web portal with IoT sensors to monitor fuel consumption in real time, 24x7 preventing wastage and theft. The physical presence of our net zero biofuel tanks further markets your brand as an environmentally conscious company that cares about its end users.

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