Over the last 140 years, our global economy has become completely dependent on the fossil fuels that are ruining our environment. It’s a big job to change this, but we’ve been working on it since 2011 when we started the UAE’s first cleantech biofuel refinery in Dubai.

Having pioneered commercial biofuel production in the Middle East, we are now the largest group of clean-tech fuel facilities in the region. Our direct actions to mitigate climate change have resulted in over 12 million tonnes of CO 2 savings.

Each of our facilities uses local waste cooking oils and transforms them into clean, green net zero biofuel which can run in any diesel engine without any modifications. Over the past five years, we have also pioneered the use of Internet of Things (IoT) sensors to optimise waste and fuel management, saving time and money for our customers. 

Adding to the many accolades we have won, in April 2019 we were awarded a place on the Mohammed bin Rashid Innovation Fund Accelerator (MBRIFA), one of just seven companies chosen out of 159 applications from 29 countries. This recognises our unique blend of technology and chemistry which enables our customers to reduce the amount of fuel they consume, reuse their waste, refuel their vehicles and repower their generators with net zero biofuel.

After almost a decade making net zero biofuels in the fossil fuel capital of the world (with no subsidies, no carbon credits, and no tax incentives), we know that the only sustainable way to make net zero biofuel is to make it from waste.

With a highly successful track record, our management team is now preparing the Neutral Fuels group of companies for an IPO on the London AIM stock exchange. This will enable us to expand into yet more countries. At the same time we are coaching other start-ups, our Chairman, Karl Feilder, mentors at Hult International Business School, and we are preparing bright young interns for the world of work in a cutting-edge industry.

We are creating a world where every city will have its own net zero biofuel supply, recycling local waste in a local facility into locally used fuel. And we’re not done yet.

Thanks for your interest in our company. We look forward to welcoming you into our net zero world.