Everyone in the hospitality industry has witnessed a trend in customers requesting environmentally aware establishments, and companies involved in hospitality are aligning their operations with a solid commitment to sustainability; giving back to the communities they operate in, while protecting the environment. Our net zero biofuel world takes this one step further.

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A closed-loop economy

We offer our hotel and hospitality clients a highly energy efficient supply chain, by making transportation net zero, and reducing bio waste. With our tech-enabled collection solutions, we utilise the used cooking oil from your own kitchens and convert it into net zero biofuel for staff transportation or customer excursions, therefore encouraging your clientele to support your CSR goals. It’s that simple. This closed loop business model works in tandem with municipality regulations which mandate that all food-processing establishments fully track and properly manage their waste streams, allowing for used cooking oil retrieval without any additional investments.

In line with an emphasis of corporate responsibility, we ensure that all of our customers receive locally produced net zero biofuel, from local used cooking oil. This further lowers your company’s CO2 footprint by reducing the emissions that would be required in the delivery of our product.


Planet friendly oil collection

After years of studying materials, we designed and constructed our award winning Reusable Oil Container (ROC) from fully recyclable materials. The ROC is durable, manoeuvrable and able to withstand high (but safe) temperatures. Transferring used cooking oil from restaurants to our bio-refinery is safe, with the ROC’s wide wheels and effortless steering. It’s presentable, easy to clean, and of course, net zero.

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