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Welcome to our world of net zero biofuels. Around the globe, governments and businesses have realised that that we have to stop using environmentally damaging fossil fuels, and here at Neutral Fuels we have the solution.

And we’ve been doing it net zero for almost a decade. We were the first to pioneer 100% pure, European compliant biofuel for use in cars, trucks, buses and generators. We’ve proved it’s commercially viable and we’ve surrounded it with technology so brilliant it can tell you everything you need to know about your transportation fleet, which will save you time and costs.

With our net zero biofuel, there are no engine modifications, no changes in fuel efficiency and no added expenses. Engines perform better and last longer.

We are creating a net zero world where every city will have its own net zero biofuel supply, recycling local waste in a local facility into biofuel for local use. Welcome to our world of net zero biofuels.

The power of data

To save our customers time and money, we created the iFuel app, a unique and intelligent way to manage your fuel. Your fuel usage is monitored 24x7 in our state-of-the-art mission control room ensuring that every drop is tracked and accounted for. Our suite of software tools, apps, and our cloud based portal guarantee on-time supply to your vehicles and generators, and our full suite of custom analytics gives you detailed data reports to improve your fuel consumption.


Our tech, your savings

Tech is in our DNA. Based on three decades of experience in developing and deploying 100% useful software, our iFuel app and back-office Neutral Exception Technology offers intelligent options to improve your net zero biofuel consumption and fleet efficiency, setting a new standard for fuel management. It’s a completely new way to manage your fuel usage for our net zero biofuel world.

Optimising operations

Not content with managing fuel usage, on the raw materials side of our business, we innovated again. We integrated our novel oil collection system, which uses a custom 100% recyclable oil container, with a cloud-based data portal to track and trace every drop of used cooking oil, ensuring a 100% complete audit trail. This is then used to provide our suppliers with valuable quantity and chemical quality data to allow them to optimise operating costs.

Since day one we have used more tech, more IT, and more software in the creation of our net zero biofuel than any other company in our industry.

Together, we can save the planet


Our net zero biofuel is net zero. For every drop of fuel we produce, we plant the precise number of trees needed to fully offset the impact of our operations. Our net zero biofuel takes your fuel carbon footprint to zero, and reduces local smog, soot and other tailpipe emissions by up to 50%. This is how we contribute significantly to ensuring the survival of our species, one net zero drop at a time.

Join our net zero world